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Massive Loop SDK⚓︎


The Massive Loop SDK Opens the door to create worlds and extend the Massive Loop metaverse.

Why should you consider using the Massive Loop SDK for your VR project?⚓︎

  • Although it might take a few hours to learn the SDK, using it can make building rich multi-player VR experiences easier than implementing them from scratch.
  • The SDK has been designed to make it easy for Unity Engine developers to easily build worlds for Massive Loop and upload them to the Metaverse. Just follow the Getting Started and Tutorials and you’ll get the idea of how familiar it is.
  • The Massive Loop environment provides out-of-the-box functionality for multi-player, chat, VR platform compatibility, avatars, financial integration, scoring, and more. Leveraging the SDK can help you build a more powerful VR game, more quickly.
  • Worlds can really be any multi-player environment including A Game, An architectural display, a store, anything!
  • The SDK makes it easy to upload your world to a metaverse, where it can be shared with existing players, making it a great place to test game concepts, share your content or monetize it.

Documentation Quick Start⚓︎

Start by Introduction

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Learn about Scripting

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