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Full-Body Tracking⚓︎

Massive Loop v1.2.15+ supports Full-Body Tracking using HTC Vive Trackers on SteamVR runtime.


  • Check if the current OpenXR Runtime is set to SteamVR. How to change OpenXR Runtime on SteamVR.
  • As of now, the Trackers are required to be connected before launching the MassvieLoop client. How to Pair Vive Tracker.
  • Full-Body Tracking in MassiveLoop requires three trackers Pelvis, Left Foot and Right Foot in addition to HMD and controllers.
  • Ensure the tracker roles are correctly assigned. You can do that by going to SteamVR Settings > Devices > Manage Trackers.
  • All the trackers need to be active/ visible to the sensors, to perform Full-Body Calibration.
  • Ensure your height is set correctly under the Settings menu, and your guardian is set properly.
  • Avatar uploaded using SDK version 0.7.2+ supports Full-Body Tracking.

How To:⚓︎

To Perform Full-Body Calibration will use Full-Body Calibration App under the App Menu, this App provides useful information and options like tracker status, calibration status, mirror, etc.


  1. Initialize the calibraion process by pressing the Calibrate FBT button.
  2. Your avatar will go in the T-pose, and the trackers will appear in the form of spheres.
  3. Align the trackers with your avatar.
  4. Stand straight and look forward.
  5. Press both the trigger button on the controllers to execute Full-Body Calibration.