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API > NavMeshLinkData


Used for runtime manipulation of links connecting polygons of the NavMesh.



Name Description
NavMeshLinkData.agentTypeIDProperty Specifies which agent type this link is available for.
NavMeshLinkData.areaProperty Area type of the link.
NavMeshLinkData.bidirectionalProperty If true, the link can be traversed in both directions, otherwise only from start to end position.
NavMeshLinkData.costModifierProperty If positive, overrides the pathfinder cost to traverse the link.
NavMeshLinkData.endPositionProperty End position of the link.
NavMeshLinkData.startPositionProperty Start position of the link.
NavMeshLinkData.widthProperty If positive, the link will be rectangle aligned along the line from start to end.


Name Description
NavMeshLinkData()Constructor Create new NavMeshLinkData

Extra Detail⚓︎

A typical use case is to connect different navigation meshes.